Frogs with Socks Kickstarter

Frogs with Socks is a hard enamel pin collection showcasing cute and colorful frog designs that I created and launched on Kickstarter in August 2021 which I ran to the success of 70 backers and over $1,600 raised.

The Kickstarter

Before even launching the Kickstarter, I spent about a month planning, researching and budgeting for it. While I had years of experience of merch design for my small business woeandgrow to guide me, this was still my first Kickstarter and one that I aimed to help grow my business further. I designed a series of assets for my Kickstarter page, aiming to be clear, eye-catching and fun, in line with my research and woeandgrow's branding design.

A visual breakdown of the campaign's budgeting

A message emphasizing the larger point of this Kickstarter campaign to encourage backers

Kickstarter banner image showcasing mockups of each design, the title of the campaign, what the collection was and the woeandgrow logo

The same banner image, but with the official Kickstarter "Just Funded" ribbon added for use when the project was fully funded, to help generate additional backer interest and confidence in an ongoing campaign

A graphic of each frog design with a description and the amount of money needed to unlock it during the campaign

A graphic showcasing mockups of the digital rewards, a set of matching desktop and mobile wallpapers, and their descriptions

A graphic showcasing mockups of additional add-on unlockable rewards, matching stickers, and their descriptions

The Kickstarter campaign was backed very quickly, so I chose to add matching stickers as a stretch goal to keep up interest while not pushing the budget too far. Backers could choose to add these on to their existing backing rewards, regardless of tier.

The Marketing

In addition to the Kickstarter assets, I created a host of assets for social media assets for marketing the campaign across the woeadandgrow Instagram and Twitter.

I created with each social media site in mind, focusing especially on Instagram where I had the larger active following. I designed a set of graphics that would work as a individual post focusing on a single frog design, but also connected into a continuous image of all the frog designs when viewed side by side in the larger grid. This allowed me to tease the next design in the lineup each day leading up to the campaign launch and encourage viewers to look beyond the single post to see the full set.

For when each frog design was unlocked, I also created graphics that showcased the individual frog with a pattern background mimicking the pattern on the frog's socks. This also connected side by side with frogs that had the same sock pattern, but showcased each design and colorway clearly.

I also created matching sets of graphics for Instagram stories that more focused on the goal amount for each design. This would allow me to post a more up-to-date look at whichever was the current goal, as well as make a follow-up story when unlocked, and then showcase the next goal to unlock all in clear succession.

I created a set of graphics showcasing the whole set with countdowns for the amount of time left to back the campaign, starting from larger chunks of time such as days and then getting smaller and more specific with hours.

I also made alternate versions of Kickstarter graphics for use on social media, especially to adjust for Instagram's square format.

A graphic showcasing the add-on sticker rewards and their description to match the one on the Kickstarter page, but formatted better for Instagram

A simple graphic posted at the end of the campaign showcasing the full lineup of frogs unlocked, thanking everyone who supported the Kickstarter

The Products

Once the campaign was successful, I worked with manufacturers to make the product, sending them mockups, choosing Pantone colors and ensuring production went smoothly, as I had done previously for different enamel pin designs.

After they were produced and shipped to me, I went through the long process of counting, quality checking, sorting and photographing them to share with my backers and on social media.

Once they passed my quality check, I photographed each pin and sticker design, placed the pins on backing cards, and edited the photos for use on my social media and shop, where I would sell any leftovers from after the campaign.

I often style and photograph my pins in natural light and among nature or stationery befitting the woeandgrow branding. I aimed to accentuate the colors of each design and showcase their scale and shine.

Simultaneously, I updated and contacted backers, calculated shipping, and packed and shipped each order, ensuring accuracy and efficiency. I also tested and photographed my desktop wallpaper as well, which was included for free with all pin tiers.

In the end, I exceeded my set goal and raised over $1,600 with 70 backers across the U.S. and beyond, and continue to sell the leftovers and more original designs at woeandgrow's online shop.