Created in Adobe Illustrator and Affinity Designer with a mouse and keyboard. Focused on wholesome, colorful and expressive characters, especially animals.

"Dreaming of Salmon" for Fat Bear Week

"Starry Lion" for archita_illustrations's DTIYS

"A Couple of Cherries"

"Certified Fresh"

"Poggu Night" for pogpals

"Bring Your Own Sunshine" for arcasian's DTIYS

"Bun" for liliuhms

"Hello World"

"Love Mother Earth" for Earth Day

"Icing on the Cake" for lilypawstudio's DTIYS

"Love Birds" for a Valentine's card

"You can heal"

Drawn and painted in a mix of traditional pencil and paper and digital with Procreate on the iPad with Apple Pencil. Focused on expressive characters, scenes and details.


"Of the Stars" Self-Portrait

"Resilience" for Latine Dibujian Zine


Redraw challenge

"Shedding" Self-Portrait

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